Many STIs can show no symptoms for weeks, months, and sometimes years.
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One of the reasons why STIs are so common is because they are often 'silent' and can be asymptomatic for weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

If they are present, symptoms can range from:

  • Burning sensation when urinating

  • Itching and discomfort around the genital or anus areas

  • Unusual discharge from the penis, vagina or anus

  • Rash, sores or small lumps on or around the penis, vagina or anus

  • Pain during sex

  • Unusual bleeding from the vagina eg. after sex or between periods

  • Pain and swelling in the testes

  • Sore throat Swollen glands, fever and body aches

  • Unexplained fatigue, night sweats and weight loss

If you're sexually active we recommend making routine STI screening part of your ongoing health management.