Safer sex includes regular testing for you and your partner(s).
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Staying Safe

Not having sex altogether is the only definitive way to prevent STIs / STDs, however there are several less drastic steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Safer sex includes regular testing and considering the following:

  • Request that your sexual partners be tested for STIs before you engage in sexual activities with them.

  • Know the signs and symptoms of STI, if you notice something that worries you, order a test.

  • Think about your drug and alcohol use. Research shows that drug and alcohol use increases the risk of unprotected sex.

  • Always use a new latex condom every time you have sex, even during your period. Condoms provide the best protection against the contraction of STIs.

  • For oral sex, use a condom.

  • Screen for STIs if and when your risk profile changes.

  • Have a mutually monogamous relationship - once you and your partner know you're both STI free, stay faithful.

  • Get Hepatitis B and possible HPV immunisations, the vaccines are safe and effective. Hepatitis B is a serious and sometimes fatal disease. HPV can cause external warts and abnormal cells on the cervix.