Australia’s Intelligent STI/STD Check - Fast, Convenient and Discreet
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Australia's Intelligent STI Check - Fast, Convenient and Discreet

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To keep the nature of your purchase confidential, our pathology request and invoices are discreetly coded and only an alias of SmartHealth will appear on your payment statement.

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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C


The Routine Screen is a comprehensive test which checks for six of the most common STIs that are detectable through blood and urine analysis when asymptomatic. This test is recommended as part of your routine health management. It is also recommended if you are commencing a new sexual relationship, are concerned about a risk event, or have never been screened for STIs.

Specific Infections

SmartHealth offers individual tests for anyone worried about exposure to a particular infection, or if re­testing to determine if an existing infection has cleared following treatment.