Our tests are quick and easy. A blood and urine sample is all we need.
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Australia's Intelligent STI Check - Fast, Convenient and Discreet

What Do The Tests Involve?

The collections we require for STI testing are quick and easy, and will involve either a blood or urine sample, or both.

There is no preparation required for either the urine or blood test, however if a urine sample is required we do recommend to hold off from visiting the bathroom for one hour prior to arriving at the collection centre.

You do not need to fast before the test.

Other than that, all you need to do is take your printed SmartHealth pathology request to your nearest Sonic Healthcare collection centre. Click here to locate your nearest pathology collection centre.

All our SmartHealth tests are coded on your pathology request form for privacy. Collection centre staff treat all patients with the utmost discretion, and will never refer to the nature of any specific tests that you’re having.

Once your samples have been collected they will be sent away to our lab for processing. Within the following two business days you'll receive a discreet SMS notification that your results are available.

All SmartHealth testing is provided by Sonic Healthcare, a world-leader in the provision of diagnostic services, and is currently available at over 1.450 professional Pathology Collection Centres throughout Australia. Click here to locate a collection centre near you.