We take your privacy seriously, and go to great lengths to ensure it!
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Australia's Intelligent STI Check - Fast, Convenient and Discreet

Security and Discretion

We take your privacy seriously, and go to great lengths to ensure our processes are as discreet and confidential as possible.

SmartHealth pathology requests are coded for privacy, so even the collection centre staff will not know what particular tests they are collecting samples for. Collection centre staff see a large number of people every day for a broad range of tests, and your experience will be no different to any other visitor.

When you purchase a test through SmartHealth, your credit card line item with display an alias of SmartHealth.


Notification of test results is sent discreetly by SMS, and we make a point of not collecting our customers' physical or email addresses.

If there is a collection or testing issue, or if there is a problem processing your pathology request, our lab will contact you on the mobile number you have provided us with. If you are unable to answer the call, the staff member will only leave a generalised message asking you to return their call - they will never specify the nature of the tests you have requested.

Should your results be abnormal (positive for the presence of an STI) your nominated doctor or clinic will contact you via the mobile number you have provided. If a doctor or clinic contacts you regarding your results and is unable to reach you, they will only leave a generalised message asking you to contact them. They will never specify the nature or status of your results.


All of our testing is conducted under the name 'SmartHealth', which is what will appear on the pathology request form and invoice that you receive.

To further protect your privacy, your credit card line item with display an alias of SmartHealth.

Getting Tested

The collection centre staff collect specimens for all sorts of tests. Each visitor to the collection centre is greeted and administered in a professional manner, and all of our SmartHealth tests are coded for privacy on your pathology request form. Collection centre staff treat all patients with the utmost discretion, and will never refer to the nature of any specific tests that you’re having.

Is Testing Confidential?

In Australia, federal and state health departments have statutory notification which requires labs and physicians to report cases of infectious disease, including sexually transmitted infections. The purpose of this is to obtain statistical data and to limit the spread of STIs.

Pathology collection centres and doctors are obliged to keep patients' information confidential.

Site and Data Security

SmartHealth uses industry standard, highly secure 256-bit 2-key SSL (secure sockets layer) across our entire site, meaning that all browsing data passed between your broswer and our servers is encrypted, including SmartHealth's URLs. When you enter your private information to make a transaction, the secure server software encrypts it before it is used. Your information is stored on secure servers in protected facilities only for the length of time that takes to complete your transaction.

We will only ever use your personal data as it is required to process your payment and create your pathology request form and invoice. We will never sell or rent your information, or contact you for marketing purposes.