Order a Test, Visit a Collection Centre, Receive Your Results by SMS
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Australia's Intelligent STI Check - Fast, Convenient and Discreet

How It Works

SmartHealth provides a professional, convenient and discreet service enabling people to make routine STI screening a regular part of their ongoing health care.

The testing process is quick, easy, and involves just three simple steps.

Step 1 - Order a Test

If you're not sure which test you should order, read through our Getting Tested for more information.

To further protect your privacy, your credit card statement line item will display an alias of SmartHealth.

Step 2 - Visit a Collection Centre

Print your prepaid pathology request form and take it to one of almost 2000 professional pathology collection centres throughout Australia.

SmartHealth pathology requests are coded for privacy, so even the collection centre staff will not know what particular tests they are collecting samples for.

Collection centre staff see a large number of people every day for a broad range of tests, and your experience will be no different to any other visitor.

Step 3 - Receive Notification of Your Results

Once your samples have been collected they will be sent to one of our labs for processing. Within the following two business days, you will receive a discreet SMS notification, alerting you that your results are available.

Normal results (negative for the presence of the STIs tested for) will be made available to you via a secure link for 30 days. You’ll require the PIN found on the top right hand corner of your invoice to open your secure link, which will be sent to you by SMS.

Abnormal (positive for the presence of a STI) or inconclusive results are delivered to your nominated clinic for treatment and/or follow-up. In the case of an abnormal result, you will receive a SMS asking you to contact your nominated clinic for an appointment. At the same time, your nominated clinic will be attempting to make contact with you to arrange an appointment.